Yoga Shawl & Trousers



Thin and flexible scarf in 100% merino wool. Works perfect as yoga blanket for meditation and deep relaxation. Merino wool provides warmth, does not itch and feels comfortable on sensitive skin. If you do not practice yoga, the shawl works great as a warm scarf.

160 X 75 cm

More info:
The Merino wool fibre does not itch, it's warming when it is cold and breathes when it's hot. Wool has a unique ability to provide warmth even when it gets wet. This will allow you to effectively regulate your body temperature during warm-up and exercize to avoid pain and injury during physical activity.

Fabric: 100% extra fine merino wool tricot.
It's superwash treated to be easy washed in washing machines.
We care about the animals and the wool is mulesing-free. 
Made in Sweden.

Washing instructions:
Wash at 40 degrees.
Do not tumble dry.