What is Giraf of Sweden?

Giraf of Sweden provides warming and protecting products in a material especially created to fit your daily life, your rehabilitation or your active life. Read more about us here



The Material

Giraf of Sweden aim towards everybody. Weather you're suffering from a whiplash injury or if you're a professional athlete. The material protects, breathes and provide warmth all in one. The produced warmth helps increase circulation, a factor that can prevent and proceed the healing of wounds in joints, tendants and muscles. Read more about our products here.



Giraf of Sweden has in cooperation with different elite athlethes in Sweden  developed products especially for activity and training. Such as x-tra high tights and a loose fit neckwarmer. Read more here.

GoS + Norwegian 

Right now you see Giraf of Sweden onboard all Norwegian flights, here are some words from a content customer: 

"Because of my job I made between 30 to 40 single flights every year. Since I was introduced to Giraf Original neck-warmer. I always carried it on me on-board. It keeps my neck warm, gives better blood circulation and relaxing the muscles."    

Polys Polycarpou -Cyprus Tourism Organisation

100% Merino Wool

We have a range of products in 100% merino wool. Everything from joint warmers, smart underwear and sportswear. Merino wool is soft even against the most sensitive skin and very flexible. The wool provides warmth while it breathes which helps keep your body temperature whatever the weather. Read more here



Giraf of Sweden is constantly looking for new ideas and right now products for horses and dos are in production. If you haven't found what you're looking for we are very intrested in your opinion. Use our contact form or e-mail us at info@girafofsweden.se