Keeping the body's sensitive parts, such as muscles and joints warm is something that has been important for generations. Today 20% of the population aged 16-84 years suffer from severe pain in neck , shoulders and upper back or joints (Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics). With the development of society have we become all the more sedentary in our everyday lives. The human body is particularly sensitive to cold weather and winds in the body parts where the blood vessels are superficial , such as wrists , neck and stomach / back . Heat increases blood circulation and reduces the risk of strain and injury. Giraf of Sweden has developed a concept based on designing and developing smart , stylish and flexible solutions that help people keep warm and protected .

Anna-Lena Engman , is the founder of Giraf Original , a member of the Swedish Inventors' Association and is also one of the government's female ambassadors for women entrepreneurs. A damaged neck became in 1993 the prelude to an innovation that helped her return to an active life in motion. Today, she runs the company along with her husband, Dan Engman. Together , they build upon the well known and tested concepts combined with modern design and quality.

Giraf of Sweden's products are designed to increase blood circulation in the muscles and joints, thereby increasing the body's self-healing abilities. The concept is based on the positive effect of increased blood circulation and aim to people of all ages who want to stay mobile and active . Simple, functional garments that make life easier and increase quality of life . Characteristic of Giraf of Sweden's products is that they are functional, unobtrusive and easy to maintain.


Anna-Lena Engman (t.h) with the Swedish seamstress Anette.

Goals & Ethical Values

Our mission is to provide good quality and caring products. From materials and well thought-out design to the finished product that can increase quality of life. The characteristic of our products is that they are functional, unobtrusive and easy to maintain. Giraf of Sweden takes responsibility for the environment and human rights. We are only cooperating with companies that share our values. Our wool is mulesing free and we use certified organic cotton. Our products are mainly manufactured in Sweden, some of the production are located in Estonia.


We place great value on dialogue with our customers. Your comments may enable us to develop new functional products. A specific requests can be the seed of an entirely new product. Welcome to contact us at or use our contact form.